The Local Government of Buhi (LGU-Buhi) confirms the death of Covid-19 patient Bicol # 829 last night, August 19.

Bicol # 829 is 65 years old, female, and residing at barangay Tambo, Buhi, Camarines Sur. She is the first Boinen who succumb to death from this deadly virus.

In a Facebook post of LGU Buhi Official yesterday, Bicol #829 arrived in Tambo from Laguna on July 3, 2020, and immediately admitted to a hospital due to renal (kidney) and heart ailment.

Last Tuesday, August 18, Bicol #829 go to Bicol Medical Center in Naga City to consult the doctor of her ailment only to find that she has symptoms of Covid-19 where she expired on the following day, August 19, said LGU-Buhi Official.

LGU Buhi Official also said that the LGU-Buhi Contact Tracing Team wants to know where Bicol #829 gets the infection of Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the immediate vicinity of the residence of Bicol #829 in barangay Tambo was placed under lock-down to ease the contact tracing works.