MFARMC President Nelson Libardo

A fisherfolks leader slammed tilapia brokers regarding a defective weighing scale at the Lake Buhi consignee area.

The fisherfolk leader, Nelson Libardo, President of the Municipal Fishery and Aquatic  Resources Management Council (MFARMC) filed a written complaint before the Sanggunian Bayan of Buhi (SB-Buhi) this morning.

Libardo said that during harvest season, defective weighing scales are being used by brokers resulting in a loss of more or less 2-4 kilograms of tilapia.

Moreover, said brokers are buying the tilapia from fish growers at a price of P110.00 per kilo and selling it to fish vendor at a price ranging from P120.00 to P145.00, Libardo said.

Libardo also said that this practice is against the law and affecting the fish cage owners heavily.

Vice Mayor Jofred Balagot referred the complaint of Libardo to the SB Committee on Lake Development and consumers protection for appropriate action in aid of legislation.

Councilor Ting Villadares, Vice-chair of the committee on Lake development, called for a committee hearing on September 9, 2020, to treat the claims of Libardo against the fish brokers of Lake Buhi.