by Alejo Arce (Buhi Souvenir Magazine, May 25, 1998)  

Long, long time ago, when the world was young, there flourished a beautiful and prosperous town in what is now the lake. The people of the town were contented, happy, and peaceful for they had all what they needed.  They were very industrious. They were loving, humble and hospitable, and much more, they were religious.

Being in the state of plenty, the people became lavish and luxurious. They began indulging in vices and frivolous, abandoning their religious duties.

One subsequent day, an old man visited the town. He was clothed in rags, and was lame and pitiful to behold. The old man roamed the town, begging for alms. He went from house to house, but unfortunately nobody pitied him. Nobody cared to give anything. Instead the old man received insults, mockery, and ridicule. He was ultimately driven out of the town.

After few days, the sky became very dark. There was thunder, and it seemed there was very strong typhoon fast approaching. Hours passed, and finally a torrential rain poured on the town. The rain went on for hours. The people became panic-stricken.

When the mists cleared away the once-beautiful and prosperous town could be seen no more. In its place was the body of water now known as Buhi Lake.

It is said that one clear days and nights, the people living by the lake could be see beneath the depth of the water human beings engaged in merry making. Others are seen doing household chores. The most conspicuous seems to be a woman weaving on a loom.