Joint Committee Hearing of SB committees on Lake Development, consumers protection and trade held on September 8, 2020 at SB Session Hall, Buhi, Camarines Sur.

Lake Buhi tilapia brokers agree to stabilize the pricing of tilapia and organize themselves as Lake Buhi Brokers Cooperative.

This develops after the Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC) President Nelson Libardo, files a complaint before the Sanggunian Bayan (SB) against some tilapia brokers of unfair business practices.

The SB joint committees on lake development, Trade, and consumers protection call a hearing on Tuesday to treat on the complaint of Libardo and attended by at least 15 tilapia brokers.

Libardo laments that the buying price of these brokers is not uniformed and uneven, which hardly affects the tilapia producers in unprecedented losses.

Aris Morada, a broker from barangay Tambo, reveals that some broker raises the buying price for tilapia to lure producers and dealers loyalty.

 Said unfair business practice prompting other brokers with no option but to do the same to compete and survive, Morada added.

Sixto Borromeo Jr., a tilapia producer, and broker proposed to his business competitor to organize themselves to foster unity and cooperation. 

The goal of the organization is to maintain and sustain good pricing that will benefit not only the industry players but also the consumers and to get rid of devious tilapia broker.

OIC-Municipal Agriculturist Sylvia Oaferina when asked by Councilor Ting Villadares sayas that the suggested retail price of tilapia is P120.00 per kilo.

The tilapia brokers agree to set the buying price from P30.00 to P115.00 per kilo, depending on the quality and size.

Lake Development Officer Ronilo Leal recommended to the committee the prompt collection of fishery permit fees and other charges and the cooperation of the newly organized brokers cooperative in the enforcement of fishery laws.

The elected officers of the brokers cooperative are the following: President – Wilson Bien, Vice President(Tambo) – Aris Morada, Vice President(Cabatuan) Punong Barangay Glory Arce, Vice President(Poblacion) – Onong Salvamante, Secretary – Joel Rodriguez, Treasurer Fe Aguinillo, Auditor – Sixto Borromeo, Jr, and Public Information Officer – Franco Labro.

Presiding the hearing is lake development vice-chair Councilor Christian Echipare.

Also present is the SB trade & consumers protection chaired by Ting Villadares and its member Maria Bella Nonato.