Maisel Ninofranco, Maostik Buhi 1st Winner

Maisel Niñofranco was chosen as the ‘Maostik Buhi‘ 1st winner in the announcement made by Councilor Ting Villadares at Good Morning Buhi live stream this morning.

The 22-year-old singer is working at LCC Supermarket and a resident barangay Sta. Elena garnered a total score of 81.66 points and 250 online votes.

Niñofranco is part of the 1st Batch of contestants of this new online talent show competition launched on Saturday, September 19, and shown every Saturday at Facebook Good Morning Buhi live show.  

Niñofranco received a prize of P300.00 from Vice Mayor Jofred Balagot. She will face another challenge for the September qualifiers for the Grand Finals in June next year.

Maisel winning piece is a cover song titled “When I Look At You “popularized by American singer Miley Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Alvin Templonuevo of barangay Sagrada finished second place after receiving 81.33 points. Joshua Benedicto landed in third place, with 63.33 points.