Ricefield at Barangay San Jose (Baybayon), Buhi, Camarines Sur

A farmer has begun thinking of skipping his rice field for the next planting season if the buying price of palay will continue to drop.

Farmer Rufino Legacion of barangay Sagrada said that in the early days of September this year, the palay selling price is 16 to15 pesos per kilo. As of September 30, palay was being bought by traders only at P12 pesos and could reach as low as P7.

During the planting season, farm inputs like fertilizer and medicines are very costly. When the time comes for cropping, ‘compradas’ will buy your harvest at a low price, Legacion said.

“Much to our dismay, that if your palay is wet, the traders will deduct equivalent to 3 to 4 kilos of selling price depending on its quality, Legacion added.

OIC-Municipal Agriculturist Sylvia Oaferina of this town proposed that the NationalFood Authority (NFA) establish a palay station in Buhi, preferably in rice granary barangay.

Meanwhile, a report from the national news agency that the National Food Authority (NFA) in Bicol has allotted P700 million for the procurement of palay (unhusked rice) from rice farmers in Bicol region at P19 per kilogram and wet palay at P10 per kilo.