Buhi greeted the New Year with heavy rains and flood due to the tail-end of a frontal system on Friday, January 1.

Sustained rains at sometimes light cold wind start on new year’s eve while the Boinen is preparing to celebrate the momentous event amidst COVID-19.

When the bell strikes at 12:01 of January 1, some Boinen did not bother by the torrential rain. They go out and join the little merry-making and noise barrage on the street.

Affected by the flooding are the barangays of San Pedro, San Pascual, and San Pascual in poblacion and the barangays of Sta. Cruz, Ipil, Iraya and Ibayugan of lake barangays.

Meanwhile, at 10:00 AM of January 1, the Local Government of Buhi announced that the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Control Structure gate opening is at 3.5 meters as of 6:00 AM of the same day.