Lake Buhi Control Structure at barangay Salvacion, Buhi, CamSur. [photo by LGU-Buhi Official]

Councilor Ting Villadares asks the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) to repair and rehabilitate the Lake Buhi Control Structure immediately.

Villadares, in filing on Monday Resolution No. 1,  said that the demand for  NIA’s speedy action would mitigate frequent flooding and prevent risk to lives and properties of the people of Buhi and the downstream Rinconada towns.

“NIA Bicol regional officer Rafael T. Almazan admitted that one of the sluice gates of the structure is not functional,” he said.

The last termer councilor likewise said that even though the gate is open during heavy rains and flooding, the structure’s non-functional sluice gate hampers the smooth and natural water flows out of Lake Buhi.

It is unfair to the people of Buhi being the host of these God-given resources for agriculture and power generation without direct benefits and yet are the ones who are suffering “when nature strikes back,” Villadares said.

Villadares move stemmed from the New Year’s Day flooding brought about by torrential rains that affects all barangays surrounding Lake Buhi.

Villadares also recalled that a similar occurrence happened during the Usman heavy rains of December 20218, which caused flooding and landslides that cost the lives of 22 Buhinons living in lake Barangays.

“Is the cost of lives not enough for NIA to consider the Lake Buhi Control Structure’s rehabilitation in their prioritization criteria?” He asked.