The Local Government of Buhi (LGU-Buhi) will join forces with the National Dairy Authority (NDA) to implement the Community-Based Milk Feeding Program.

Municipal Nutrition Officer Ryan Oaferina told the Buhi Magazine in an interview that the milk supplement will be provided to 266 malnourished children ages 3-5 in eight barangays in Buhi, namely: Tambo, Monte Calvario, Divino Rostro, Ibayugan, San Ramon, San Rafael, San Jose Salay and De Los Angeles.

The barangays-beneficiaries were identified based on the result of the 2020 Operation Timbang, Oaferina said.

“Because of community quarantine, the Barangay Nutrition Scholar (BNS), with the assistance of Barangay Health Workers (BHW), will deliver the milk pack twice a day for 60 days, said Oaferina.

“We are expecting that the concerned barangays are now ready with their colling storage like portable coolers or refrigerators to preserve the freshness of the milk,” Oaferina explained.

Oaferina also explained that the NDA had provided the amount of more or less PhP365,000. The LGU-Buhi had even counterparts PhP200,880 to roll-out the program this 3rd week of January of this year.

The Agriculture Cooperative of Tigaon (ACT), a local dairy producer based in the Partido district of Camarines Sur, will supply the milk, Oaferina also clarified.

The National Dairy Authority, established under the National Dairy Development Act of 1995, mandated to implement the National Milk Program.

 National Milk Program continuously serves as the local dairy farmers’ base market, especially those who had just started dairying.  It addresses poverty issues by rescuing children from malnutrition while providing a steady income flow to local dairy farmers and cooperatives.

The law also requires that government nutrition programs that use milk shall be supplied by local milk producers and coordinated with the NDA.