The live stream program Good Morning Buhi (GMB) of Buhi Magazine bids goodbye today as it welcomes a new online show.

The morning show host Ting Villadares said that GMB folded up to give way to a new social media program titled “Buhi Forum Live.” 

The new 30-minutes talk cum talent show slates on weekdays night from 10:00 PM to 10:30 PM and streaming at Buhi Forum Facebook group platform, said Villadares.

Buhi Forum Live also features in-depth reporting of current events and local government programs, projects, and activities, Villadares also said.

Villadares explained that it also features videos of talented and promising Buhinen to serve as a toss away for possible career opportunities out of their hidden talent.

Meanwhile, Villadares also launched the Youtube channel Buhi Magazine on Sunday, January 10.

In a related story, the Buhi Forum group membership now at 31,000 since its creation on June 21, 2016.

Villadares also thanked the Good Morning Buhi staff and sponsors and is looking forward to continuing their support to Buhi Forum Live.

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